Why To Take Your Makeup Off Before Bed

It’s safe to say we’ve all had nights where we’re too tired to take the extra step of taking our makeup off. However, it can be just as crucial as brushing your teeth! Sleep is the time for your skin to restore itself and by leaving makeup on, you are preventing it from being able to shed old skin cells leading to clogged pores, inflammatory acne, flaky, red and irritated skin and breakdown in collagen which causes premature aging.

By leaving eye makeup on, you’re at risk for different, but just as harmful side effects. Clogged eyelash follicles which cause small red bumps called sties and brittle eyelashes which break easily and shed faster.

It is also important that if you use makeup remover wipes, you wash the extra product left on your skin with a facial cleanser so that you’re also removing any excess dirt, bacteria and oil. If you’d like to shorten your nightly routine, try using an oil based cleanser like the Iluma cleanser from Image to remove your make up in one quick and easy step!

Karli Allen