DIY At Home Spa Night

We know just how hectic and stressful life can get sometimes, and that’s exactly why it’s important to sometimes just take a moment to relax and really take care of ourselves. Try unwinding with a DIY spa night! 

The perfect stay in spa night starts with the right playlist. Choose soothing songs that will make you feel calm and relaxed, focused on the activity you are doing at the moment instead of anything else that could be causing you unnecessary stress.

Preparing light snacks to enjoy while you relax is a crucial step in your DIY spa night. Choose food that will make you feel fresh and detoxed, like fresh cut fruits and/or veggies. Fruit infused water is another nice touch to add to your at home spa. 

This might be our favorite step! If you want to completely relax, turn your lights down and light some nice scented candles. Not only will they make you feel like you are in a real spa, their scent will also help you relax and feel more soothed. Choose your favorite essence. Especially good scents are lavender and pine, which calm anxiety and provide natural stress relief and citrus, if what you are looking is to feel more energized.

Choosing the right face mask is the center step to your DIY spa night. First, you should determine what kind of mask your skin needs. Do you want to exfoliate or moisturize? Do you want something to help your acne or maybe clear your pores? Since we all have different skin, we all have different face mask needs. Choose the one you think will be right for you, which can buy or even make yourself! Making masks can be really fun in and of itself.

Now, this could actually be the most important step. Truly try to relax. Pick your fluffiest slippers or your softest pajamas, lay down over your favorite pillows and comfiest blanket and turn your phone off or put it away for a while. Focus just on yourself, the music, the mask on your face, the scent of the candles. Take a moment to examine your thoughts, the things that might be bothering you or even the ones that you simply find interesting. We spend so much time worrying that sometimes we forget to take a moment to really just celebrate ourselves. Make sure you do and have a good time! You deserve it!



Karli Allen