Peels - Not As Scary As They Seem

Facial peels can be intimidating, but are crucial in improving any complexion issues and for overall healthy, youthful looking skin. There are many different types of peels, some involving different acid blends or enzymes and each with different strengths - not all of them causing the skin to blister to the point of physically peeling. The solution is applied to the skin for a certain amount of time, the peel then works to dissolve the top layers of the skin, allowing the skin to regenerate itself.

Different peels achieve different results, but overall they can improve the texture of your skin, improve your skin’s ability to hold moisture, help your skin produce more collagen, reduce fine lines, unclog pores and clear up acne, as well as leave your skin smooth and glowing. During the peel you can expect to feel some sensation which is not to be confused with having a reaction. The sensation just means that the peel is working its magic. Depending on how string the peel is, your skin can be a little dry but the peel’s results can last for up to days after.

After your peel it is extremely important to do your best to stay out of the sun and wear your SPF daily. Since the first couple layers of your skin have been thinned, you will be extra sensitive to sunlight and the UV rays can be caustic. Male sure to keep your skin hydrated with a proper moisturizer and hold off on exfoliating for about a week.

Peels are something everyone should consider. They are extremely beneficial for all skin types and anyone can do one as long as there aren’t any contraindications. So if you are looking for serious improvement in complexion or you just need a skin refresher, a peel would give you amazing results.   

Karli Allen