Freshen Up Your Skin For Summer

When the seasons change so does your skin which makes it the perfect opportunity to update your skincare routine. Here are a few tips for the warmer months.


Protecting your skin never goes out of season but it is extra important to remember to apply SPF when the weather is nice since chances are you will be spending more time outside. You always want to prevent against the effects of those burning and aging rays. Reapplying is key. To get the full benefits of your SPF be sure to reapply it every couple of hours to really protect the skin. This is not just for the face, body too!


Rejuvenate the skin with a resurfacing or enzymatic mask. Start summer with a fresh face by getting rid of last winter’s dry skin. A good resurfacing mask packed with alpha-hydroxy acids is going to help lighten, brighten and smooth out the skin texture and tone. Applying an enzymatic mask is going to gently exfoliate the buildup of dull, dry skin while injecting the skin with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals leaving you with a healthy youthful complexion.


You should replace your foundation every few months since the condition and tone of your skin change with the seasons. If you like something with a little less coverage, try a tinted moisturizer or a bb cream and if you like something more full coverage try out a foundation with a more radiant finish for that summer time glow.


Summer is a time for a fresh start so why not get your skin off to a fresh start too?