How did you learn this method?

Our artists have learned the art of Microblading from one of the world's pioneers in the industry - Everlasting Brows, along with continued advanced education. These intensive courses cover not only the art of creating the perfect brow and hair pattern but also an in-depth analysis of color theory for cosmetic tattooing. Learning this skill from a true Master of the art such as Jenn Boyd, lead to a wonderful educational environment and many tips, tricks and methods not taught anywhere else.

Karli's background as a classically trained artist  plus her licensing as an Aesthetician makes her a unique and excellent fit as a Microblading artist, giving complete attention to detail and perfection of design and an utmost importance on your health and safety. 

Karli is also a member in good standing of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, this is one of the only self-regulatory groups for Permanent Makeup and Microblading. To be eligible as a member one must have completed a 100 hour course in permanent cosmetics among other requirements. Choosing an artist who is an SPCP member means you are not only getting a great artist but someone who is well-educated on the entire process.


All artists are certified in Blood Born Pathogen control and they hold themselves to the strictest of standards.  We are very aware that our sanitation methods are crucial to your health, so we take every precaution to make the cleanest and safest environment for you to have this procedure done.  

What is the process like?

Your visit will start with a thorough consultation where your Artist will discuss with you what you're looking for and wanting for your brows along with some do's and don'ts for the healing procedure. Then together you will start to design your perfect brows, once you and your Artist have perfected your new brow design and shape, the tattoo process will begin.  
We begin by applying a numbing solution to the area to be tattooed, some clients describe this feeling as a slight tingle as if tweezing your brows or nothing at all, and once the numbing solution has taken effect the rest of the procedure is relatively pain free!  
While we wait for the numbing to take effect your Artist perfects your brow shade using high quality hypo-allergenic pigments, every client's shade is mixed just for them and customized according to your skin tone, hair color and of course desired effect.  
When everything is ready to go we begin the micro-stroking procedure which is completed with single-use sterile and disposable hand tools and needles.  This process takes about 30-45 minutes to completion. 


If you have previous Eyebrow Tattoos please email us a photo to determine if you are a good candidate for successful micro-stroking.  If previous tattoos are very dark you may need to undergo tattoo removal - by laser or saline flush to lighten them first.  Email lasheyladystudio@gmail.com a few close up photos in good lighting with no makeup.