Welcome to LasheyLady Studio Training. Every training session or package is designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual. Whether you are looking to learn about Classic, Volume Lashes, Basic or Advanced, our goal is to help you feel one-hundred percent ready to offer this amazing service to your clientele. Whatever your skill level, we will help you to make progress and attain success, each step of the way. We'll study everything from beginning application techniques and client comfort, to advanced taping and lashing. We offer a hands on, open and honest learning experience. Our practical application processes provide you the best this industry has to offer. 


Why is the LasheyLady Studio your premier choice for lash education? Simply put: because we CARE and we want to see you succeed in a happy healthy environment. All students should be able to learn in an environment that is comfortable, educational, positive and encouraging.  We believe that true success comes from the art of doing. We provide both a hands-on approach and an active observation strategy as you learn from our talented artists. Our educators have many years of experience, studying and practicing the consistently evolving trends and treatments of the industry. Our passions give us the strong desire to create an educational and informative program that students will benefit greatly from. We want nothing more than for you to succeed at this exciting skill and we are confident you will!

*LasheyLady Studio will only train licensed professionals. Proper credentials must be submitted for review prior to attendance. 


 The Lashey Lady Studio in Sonoma County offers advanced education in the art of eyelash extensions.

2 day Classic lash training

The Beginner course is designed for students who either have very little or no experience in the eyelash extension industry. Completion and certification in the 2-day Beginner course will serve as a foundation to build a successful career. Our educator will teach you everything she knows and what has helped build her blossoming career. This course is designed to teach you all the core fundamentals of precision and application techniques, essentials such as anatomy and physiology of the eye, proper disinfection practices, hazards and precautions, safe handling of all products, proper storage of adhesives and removal agents. Our training will also teach you how to manage and grow your client base and increase your service offerings and so much more. Retention is the key to success, and after this 2-day course, you will be able to start taking clients on your own.

* Kit Includes, hand picked products by the LasheyLady herself.

2 Day Mega Volume Lash Training

Now that you have mastered classic lashing, we will introduce you to a whole new technique of lashing. This course will introduce already classic certified lash students to a whole new world. Mega Volume lashing. In this 2 day class we will review the core fundamentals of lashing, client consultation, what is volume and mega volume, curls/lengths/diameters, stacking, layering, which tweezers to use, proper grip, appropriate adhesive, taping methods, fan making techniques, placement and application, fill techniques, aftercare tips and tricks, how to correctly price your new skill set and troubleshooting. This is a two day training with theory and hands on practice.

Each attendee must understand that practice is key when working with Volume lashing. We are happy to provide additional consultation and answer any questions that may come after your training. 

* Kit Includes, hand picked products by the LasheyLady herself.

* Basic knowledge of classic lash extension application is required.

1 Day Advanced Lash Training

Our 1 day advanced course is for already certified lash artist's who are looking to expand their education and refine their skill sets. 

Take your services to another level with higher education!


2 hour courses in studio, Skype sessions

Courses include: Taping and Gel Pad placements, Mapping, Fan, Grab and Go, Creating Texture With Lash Sets, Russian Volume: To pinch or not to pinch. New techniques such as layering, VaVa Classic, Strip lash look and more. Business consulting courses. One on One availability.

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