Can I wear mascara and/or eye makeup while I have lash extensions?



Can I wear mascara and/or eye makeup while I have lash extensions?

Yes, but less is best and wearing the wrong makeup can lead to lash fallout, extension damage and dramatically decrease the length of time your lash extensions look full and fabulous.


Mascara can be worn on your bottom lashes and before your fill if necessary only if it’s water based or specifically formulated for lash extensions. Do not use oil-based or water-proof mascara. Waterproof mascara or any type of oil based mascara will dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions. Also, the brush can potentially pull on your lashes and cause them to be damaged, loosened, or removed. 

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow can be used as long as it’s oil-free and removed daily.  

Pencil liner:

Pencil liner is not recommended. Using a sticky pencil liner along the lash line, where eyelash extensions form their tenuous bonds, can cause tangling and lash fallout. Cream and gel eyeliners can leave a gummy residue on extensions, making removal of the liner very difficult. Remember, Lash adhesive will stick to any residue left behind by makeup and in effect cause premature fall out

Waterproof liquid eyeliner:

You may see a theme here - smudge-proof and budge-proof eye makeup is generally bad news for lash extensions. This includes water-resistant or waterproof liquid liner. It’s long-wearing formula will require rubbing or repeatedly touching your lashes to remove it, all of which will shorten your extensions’ lifespan.

Eyelash curlers:

Never use an eye lash curler with extensions on as this will damage the extensions and your own natural lashes. 

What’s fabulous and (many say addicting) about eyelash extensions is that you will likely find you don’t need to wear any eye makeup and will wake up in the morning ready to go! If you would like to keep eye makeup as part of your daily routine or use it to add some more drama to your look on special occasions, there are some options that are safe for extensions. We highly recommend the liquid eyeliner and mascara from Lash Affair. Both are highly pigmented, long lasting, cruelty free and safe for extensions. Come on by the studio and give them a try!